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Distributed Apron Tracking with a Shared Database

QC-Track®.Aprons, the newest of the patented QC-Track family of device QC tracking products, is a software system to track and report on the annual QC needed for personal protective equipment (PPE), including aprons, thyroid shields and other PPE-related items.

Radiation Safety Officers can monitor the status of apron QC from anywhere on the network. QC-Track.Aprons is a network-capable system that is installed on your network-connected server. QC-Track.Aprons is accessed with a browser from your desktop. Reports can be run at any time to identify the PPE that need to be QC’d, or to report on the QC history of any PPE item.

QC-Track.Aprons features all of the security of the QC-Track system, including user login and password controls, user provisioning, and LDAP for Windows Active Directory integration. All data entry, including scanning, worksheet entry, and any data changes, is logged in the QC-Track.Aprons audit logs.

Seeking a centralized QC system? (e.g., TJC Sentinel Event Alert 47) Contact Atirix for information on QC-Track.Aprons upgrades, including device QC and reporting for MQSA, device QC with integrated phantom analytics for CT and MRI, and Credential Management.

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