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 Quality Assurance


In today’s healthcare environment business as usual isn’t good enough. Especially when it involves patient safety.

Now the pressure is on to professionalize quality control processes, led by the Joint Commission and Sentinel Event Alert 47, with Action Items recommending a centralized QC system designed for physicist monitoring.

With QC-Track you gain the security and experience of Atirix. Hundreds of facilities, including ones at 5 of the 10 largest healthcare systems are using QC-Track for faster, more reliable, more productive QC than ever before.

Featured Solutions
Device Quality Control and Credential Management

The patented QC-Track® system is a centralized device QC management system for diagnostic imaging. QC-Track meets MQSA, ACR, and state inspector needs for tracking and reporting. QC-Track also features all the tools to manage personnel credentials and facility certifications. Gain the transparency, consistency, and security of paperless quality control.

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Apron Tracking and Reporting

QC-Track®.Aprons, the newest of the patented QC-Track family of device QC Tracking products, is a software system to track the QC needed for personal protective equipment, including aprons, thyroid shields and other PPE-related items. QC-Track.Aprons is available as a stand-alone system or as a module of the QC-Track system for a device QC and credential management.

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Mammography Medical Audit

MG-Track™ is an MQSA mammography medical audit solution for imaging centers that have a reporting workflow in place. MG-Track work lists are used for exam tracking. Initial, Follow-up, and Reminder Letters are customizable, can be scheduled to meet the facility's follow-up needs, and are stored in PDF format for on-demand review. MQSA Audit Reports can be generated at any time. MG-Track makes follow-up tasks easier and more consistent.

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