Regarding Log4j vulnerability:
QC-Track is a .Net application and does not use the Log4j call.
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Quality Control

Quality Control

Atirix provides imaging quality control solutions to help hospitals and imaging centers stay ahead of rising quality, regulatory, and accreditation needs. Our premier product, the patented QC-Track system, is a modular centralized quality control platform, with dashboards, analytics, trending, and email notifications to ensure patient safety and image quality. With a strong and proven heritage in the challenges of MQSA tracking, QC-Track has the workflow, flexibility, and robust infrastructure to meet the most demanding imaging quality control needs.

Featured Solutions
Enterprise QC solutions for device QC, ACR credential tracking, and preventive maintenance tracking

Centralize imaging QC with streamlined and standardized workflows.

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Apron Tracking with integrated barcode tags

QC-Track.Aprons is a complete apron tracking solution, and can be deployed stand-alone or as a module of a QC-Track implementation. Gain the proven efficiency of barcodes for apron identification and tracking.

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  Atirix products are covered by issued and pending patents, including US 8,478,610 “Medical Imaging Device Quality Control System and Method” and US 8,428,969 “System and Method for Tracking Imaging Quality”
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