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Q: Do you offer the ability to interface with my RIS?

A: Yes, we have an HL7 interface to accept patient demographics, exam date and time, and exam type into MG-Track. The advantage of having an interface in place is that as patients schedule and reschedule exams, this will turn on and off any reminder letters. There would also have to be an outbound interface on the RIS side.
Q: In what circumstances do you recommend an interface?

A: We recommend an interface when your volumes are 200 exams a month or more. The advantage of an interface is that as patients schedule and reschedule exams, this will turn on and off any reminder letters.
Q: Are the result and reminder letters in MG-Track ready to use or do we need to write the text ourselves?

A: All the letters have off-the-shelf wording originally developed by a fellowship-trained mammographer to help you get going. Over 100 letter templates are included as part of the MG-Track system.
Q: Can we change the wording on the result or reminder letters?

A: All of the wording in result letters can be edited and modified, both as you’re getting started with MG-Track and later on. There are also fields that can be pulled into the letters from the exams to make the letters specific to the patient and the exam.
Q: We have three facilities. Can MG-Track keep track of medical audit numbers for multiple facilities?

A: Yes, MG-Track will track the numbers by facility and by the individual radiologist. MG-Track can also track technologist exam counts.
Q: We have several people who will be entering data. Do we need a user license for each one?

A: No, you can have as many users as you need across all of your facilities.
Q: What browser platforms can MG-Track run on?

A: MG-Track runs on Internet Explorer.
Q: Is MG-Track a cloud service?

A: No, MG-Track is installed as an on-premises intranet application. Because MG-Track deals with PHI, it is not available as a hosted Atirix cloud service because of HIPAA concerns.
Q: Do the passwords in MG-Track expire?

A: Yes, there is a configuration within MG-Track so that passwords can expire at set intervals. It can also prevent the reuse of passwords.
Q: How do I know that all of my additional imaging exams have been completed?

A: MG-Track has tracking lists that will hold all of the exams that have not been completed so that exams can no longer fall through the cracks.

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