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Centralized Exam Tracking and Medical Audit Reporting

The MG-Track™ system is designed as a stand-alone medical audit and patient letter system for imaging centers, including stand-alone imaging centers, outpatient clinics, and hospitals, that want a tool to help with MQSA compliance, have a reporting workflow in place, and are reluctant to invest in a full mammography information system.

The MG-Track system captures mammography patient and exam information, generates patient letters, and produces reports for the medical audits required by the Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA).

MG-Track provides manual and optional automated processes for entering patient information and exam results. By eliminating manual tracking of mammography patients and automating letter generation, MG-Track increases productivity and reduces the time needed for one of the more labor-intensive activities in breast imaging centers.

MG-Track provides forms to record screening and diagnostic exam results. Screening and diagnostic exam data is needed for the MQSA Medical Audit reports. MG-Track also can record common mammography procedure results, going beyond MQSA to meet the patient tracking needs of breast imaging centers.

MG-Track stores medical audit data centrally, eliminating binders and spreadsheets, and improving overall data security.

MG-Track is a web-based solution using the latest Microsoft technologies. Users only need to have the Internet Explorer browser to access the system. Microsoft's latest technologies feature the newest performance and security improvements.

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