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MG-Track is your primary medical audit reporting tool.
With MG-Track you can generate MQSA screening and diagnostic medical audit reports, as well as Radiologist ACR BI-RADS code reports and Technologist study count reports.
  • Screening and Diagnostic Medical Audit Reports can be generated at any time for any date range
  • Medical Audit reports can be generated overall by the organization, facility, or radiologist
  • ACR guidelines are used for calculations
  • Medical Audit reports are designed to show calculated values and the underlying data
MG-Track also tracks procedure information beyond that needed for MQSA compliance. Additional reporting has been included in MG-Track to help the facility track and report on procedure outcomes.
  Atirix products are covered by issued and pending patents, including US 8,478,610 “Medical Imaging Device Quality Control System and Method” and US 8,428,969 “System and Method for Tracking Imaging Quality”
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