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MG-Track Training
The MG-Track training process is made up of 4 steps:
  1. Letter Review and Reminder Schedule Setup
  2. User Training (ASRT approved for credit, 1.5 CEUs)
  3. Administrator Training (ASRT approved for credit, 1 CEUs)
  4. Post-training Follow Up Call

MG-Track User Training is conducted via webinar.

Atirix can meet special training needs with on-site MG-track training or post-training. For details ask your sales representative or call Atirix Support at 877.273.1765 .
Letter Review and Reminder Schedule Set-up
More than 90 exam result and reminder letter templates, initially prepared by a fellowship-trained breast radiologist, are available in MG-Track. Letter templates can be used as-is, or customized to meet your facility's specific needs. In the Letter Review and Reminder Schedule Set-up meeting, Atirix's Training Team will review the letter templates, identify edits, discuss set-up options for signatures, logos, and footers, train users on use of the MG-Track Letter Customization tool, and confirm and set up the timing of the reminder letters.

User Training
MG-Track User Training covers the following subjects:
  • Patient Search and Add - Search, Add and Modify Patient Information
  • Screening, Diagnostic, and Procedure Exams Entry
  • Screening, Diagnostic, and Procedure Exams - Final Outcome Section Function
  • Link Exam
  • Multiple Exams/Multiple Lesions
  • Exam Lists
  • Letter Lists
  • Exam Search

Administrator Training
MG-Track Administrator Training covers the following subjects:
  • Exam Lists
  • Letter Lists and Schedules
  • Users
  • Facilities
  • Printers
  • MQSA Medical Audit Reports
  • Audit Logs
  • Manage Security

Post-training Follow Up Call
The Atirix training team contacts MG-Track sites approximately four to six weeks after User Training for a brief discussion to answer any questions and discuss advanced system features, particularly exam entry, exam linking, and final outcome.

  Atirix products are covered by issued and pending patents, including US 8,478,610 “Medical Imaging Device Quality Control System and Method” and US 8,428,969 “System and Method for Tracking Imaging Quality”
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