Regarding Log4j vulnerability:
QC-Track is a .Net application and does not use the Log4j call.
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Distributed Apron Tracking

Sites around the country are being asked to prove apron QC on the spot. With QC-Track®.Aprons™, simply scan the barcode tag for the complete QC history.
Atirix QC Solution: QC-Track.Aprons – a complete apron tracking solution
  • Dashboard and email notices for due and over-due QC
  • Standard and custom reports, including advanced search
  • Multiple departments and users
  • Picture, video and scanned document attachment

  Atirix products are covered by issued and pending patents, including US 8,478,610 “Medical Imaging Device Quality Control System and Method” and US 8,428,969 “System and Method for Tracking Imaging Quality”
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