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Centralized QC Management

The patented Atirix QC-Track® system is an interactive data capture and graphical reporting software solution designed to automate the quality control tracking and imaging reporting needed in diagnostic imaging centers.
  • Enable "at-a-glance" management of imaging QC and credential process status with dashboards that show current and past-due tests, upcoming credential expirations, and scheduled reviews.
  • Facilitate and guide QC practices by centrally creating and distributing standardized QC worksheets and reports that can be customized for inspector, medical physicist, radiologist, and lead technologist needs.
  • Automate calculations, charting, and graphing to produce clean and consistent reports for reviews and inspections. Inspection packages can be defined and easily generated into a PDF for on-line review, printing or emailing.
  • Manage credentials, including a dashboard, automated timers to track credential expirations and trigger reminder emails, and the ability to scan and attach documents.
  • Provide secured on-line access and sign-off capabilities for all responsible parties.
  • Implement interfaces for CT, MRI, CR/DR, and Fluoro phantom QC data with the QC-Connector™.

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