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Speech-driven notes improves productivity

Dictation and transcription are time-consuming and costly. What if physicians could dictate their notes and immediately receive them for electronic signature at their convenience — in their office or at home? With VoxNotes they can.

VoxNotes is a speech-driven workflow and clinical notes system. A practice can streamline operations to improve productivity and reduce labor costs associated with transcription and chart pulls.

Howard E. Kweller, M.D. “Even after seven years, I still have fresh innovations, increasing flexibility and increased efficiency with my VoxNotes. VoxNotes continues to help me not only be more productive, it facilitates my ability to provide a higher quality of care to my patients.”

Howard E. Kweller, M.D., Family Practice Physician, Kweller Medical Center, Greeneville, TX

Here are just a few of the ways VoxNotes can improve your practice:

Improve the completeness of notes. VoxNotes uses rules-based SmartMacros™ to interpret patient data from a patient management system and automatically generate a clinical note template that is easy to edit with your patient’s specific information. You can spend your time with your patient, not typing the note in the computer.

Speed the turnaround time of final reports to referring physicians and hospital staff. VoxNotes users have seen their turn-around times go from days to hours, or less.

Simplify workflow through integration with current PMS and HIS systems. VoxNotes interfaces with more than 85 PMS and HIS systems.

Save on transcription costs. Most customers can achieve a return on investment on VoxNotes in 6 to 18 months.

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