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Speech-driven radiology reporting improves productivity

VoxReports is a speech-driven workflow system designed to integrate seamlessly with Picture Archive and Communication Systems (PACS) and Radiology Information Systems (RIS).

VoxReports supplements radiologist dictation with front-end speech recognition and macros, automates the workflow between radiologists and transcriptionists, and includes system management tools for workflow customization, administrative controls, and performance reporting.

“The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences has been using the Provox Voice Recognition system for our Anatomic Pathology reporting since March of 2008. The opportunities of the system soon were realized as our residents and faculty began the training process."

"Residents no longer had to collect tapes from hand held recorders or wait in the mornings until the dictation system was re-booted, they now had a system that allowed them to dictate, replay, edit, or send to an editor and insert into the Laboratory Information System a clean, edited version of their dictations. For the attending pathologists, the quicker turnaround time, greater accuracy and fewer mistakes without repeatedly sending the reports back to a transcription department for correction increased their productivity and allowed [providers] to focus more of their time on research and teaching. One of the most beneficial aspects of the Provox System is the fact that it is independent of the LIS. If the LIS goes down we are able to continue processing specimens using Provox as a repository for the dictations and later attaching to the correct case when the LIS service is reinstated.”

Frank Betzner
Administrative Director for Financial Operations
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

VoxReports is designed for the ways radiologists work

  • Interactive speech recognition with SmartMacros™ templates
  • Hands-free/eyes-free dictation with audio prompts and cues
  • Free-form dictation with speech recognition
  • Traditional digital dictation

Patented SmartMacros for faster, more complete reports

VoxReports is designed for radiology reporting with patented SmartMacro capabilities.

SmartMacros allow providers to create pre-loaded report templates with jump points to editable text areas.

SmartMacros can be driven by procedure code or chained with other SmartMacros to support nesting. SmartMacros can contain Boolean logic, if-then-else statements, case statements, and additional operators to efficiently create richer, more complete reports. There are also 24 built-in functions for common date operations and decision controls.

VoxReports allows unlimited SmartMacros to be created by providers, either as public or as private macros.

VoxReports Benefits

  • Complete interpretations faster without changing your radiology interpretation process.
  • Create a report in minutes and automatically send it.
  • Give referring physicians a completed report in minutes rather than hours, leading to improved patient care and a better relationship with referring physicians.
  • Reduce the cost of transcription and document delivery by as much as 70%.

Flexible workflow with single-worklist operations...

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