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Recent Accredited Presentations and Case Studies

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QC Zen and the Art of Inspector Happiness
AHRA Webinar. See to take this webinar for one CEU.
April 27, 2016

Steve Backes, President and CEO, Atirix
Angela Snyder, Ph.D., Director of Research, Atirix
Allen Goode, M.S., DABR, Chief Diagnostic Medical Physicist, University of Virginia Health System

Imaging departments face a complex set of regulations and accreditations, encompassing every modality from mammography to nuclear medicine with sources including the American College of Radiology, the Joint Commission, and many state health departments. Many of these regulatory bodies have inspection processes in place to ensure that the appropriate quality control (QC) activities are being performed on a regular basis. What measures are facilities taking to reduce inspection risk?

These regulations and accreditations typically include requirements for on-going device quality control. It can be tough to know which requirements to follow, much less whether the proper QC procedures are being used on a day-to-day basis and documented appropriately. The key to a successful inspection is to understand the applicable regulations, implement a quality control process to meet those requirements, and capture the QC data within a system that is efficient, secure, and readily accessible when inspections do occur.

In this session, UVA Lead Medical Physicist Allen Goode, M.S., DABR, Atirix President Steve Backes, and Atirix Director of Research Angela Snyder, Ph.D. will provide an overview of imaging QC regulations including the latest additions and future directions. They describe the implementation of enterprise quality control at UVA. They discuss important issues around documentation and the management of QC data. Additionally, they will provide several case studies describing the process and impact of implementing the QC-Track system. They will demonstrate the use of the SBAR as a cost justification tool. Further, they will provide insight into recent inspection priorities and quality control trends as well as the inspection impact of a centralized quality control system.
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Enterprise Imaging QC: Promises and Realities
2016 Winter Institute of Medical Physics
February 24, 2016

Breckenridge, CO
Steve Backes, President and CEO, Atirix

Steve presented to the 2016 Winter Institute of Medical Physics, an annual conference chaired by Marc Kessler, PhD, FAAPM. This year, Steve’s presentation again explores the SBAR tool for healthcare decisions, this time in the context of the QC-Track implementation at Sutter Palo Alto Medical Foundation. In the presentation, Steve explores the SBAR in detail, discusses the goals and experiences of Palo Alto Medical Foundation, and explores the potential impact of the recent increase of imaging QC regulations.

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Take Control of QC Tracking
MTMI Webinar
September 10, 2015

Steve Backes, President and CEO, Atirix
Rania Johnson, RT (R)(M), Senior Director, Product Management

Today’s presenters are uniquely qualified to share their insights on imaging QC. With Steve and Rania we have an IT person and a mammography technologist to discuss the latest in QC. Steve has been president and CEO of Atirix since 2007. Steve has worked over the past thirty years with document imaging, Internet, and workflow technologies in healthcare. Early in his career he was a manager of emerging technologies in healthcare and financial services with Andersen Consulting (n/k/a Accenture). Rania is the technologist, and joined Atirix in 2006 after working as a technologist, most recently with University of Minnesota Health - Breast Imaging Center.
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Doing More with Less: The Evolving Regulatory Environment and a Centralized Quality Control System
AHRA Webinar
May 27, 2015

Steve Backes, President and CEO, Atirix
Rania Johnson, R.T. (R)(M)(ARRT), Director of Product Management, Atirix
Allen Goode, M.S., DABR, Chief Diagnostic Medical Physicist, UVA Health System

In this session, the panelists provided a re-cap of imaging QC regulations, including the ACR’s Continuous Quality Control system. They described the implementation of the QC-Track system at UVA, and they discussed device quality control, UVA’s practices prior to the QC-Track system, the functional and technical implementation plans used by the team, operational impact of the centralized QC system, and lessons learned. They provided several operational case studies discussing the workflow changes and impact of the QC-Track system. They also discussed the new types of tracking and radiation-safety-related communications and management processes made possible by a centralized QC system.

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