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Always Inspection Ready™

Introduced at RSNA 2008, the QC-Track system is the original enterprise imaging Quality Control Information System (QCIS). Today, QC-Track leads this powerful new class of products for paperless QC.

Explore the menu on the left to learn more about QC-Track:
  • See the Enterprise QC Foundation section for a tour of built-in capabilities of the QC-Track system.
  • Modules are available across all modalities in diagnostic imaging, as you'll see in the Modalities section.
  • And the Advanced Capabilities section describes the optional features of QC-Track that leading imaging centers around the U.S. and Canada are using to create a complete paperless workflow system.

The Atirix team thanks you for your interest and we look forward to helping you gain the advantages and image quality of paperless QC technologies.

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Meet the demands of the evolving regulatory environment with the patented QC-Track system: a fully integrated platform for all of your important quality control processes.

QC-Track is a modular intranet software solution built for paperless device quality control (QC) tracking, inspection reporting, ACR credentials, QC event tracking, and document management.

With QC-Track, imaging QC teams and medical physicists now have a system to help meet the latest tracking, reporting, and trending requirements, including MQSA, TJC, ACR, and state-level regulations and guidelines.

Results and Benefits
Directors and ACR Coordinators: Standardize imaging device QC across locations and modalities
  • Ensure consistency and transparency
  • Reduce inspection risks
  • Gain control over all QC workflows

QC Technologists: Gain more time for patient care
  • Streamline day-to-day QC with simple and easy-to-use paperless workflows
  • Maximize imaging unit availability, by reducing:
    - QC time by up to 50%
    - QC travel by 75%
    - Improper QC failures by 100%
  • Eliminate inspection prep

Auditors and Inspectors: Reduce time on site by as much as 40%
  • Optimize inspection time with PDF reports and soft reviews
  • Reduce search time and frustration with easy access to remote QC records
  • Easily make on-the-spot workflow changes to meet inspector needs

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Advanced Capabilities
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