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QC-Track helps sites unlock their QC data and professionalize their QC reporting with clean and modern HTML and PDF reports for the full range of reporting purposes. Reporting is an important way to improve QC communications with the team involved in QC, from technologists to imaging directors to radiologists, medical physicists, and inspectors. Your team will see an exciting change -- especially if you've been using paper binders.

How do QC Reports differ from paper binders?

For starters, QC Reports are generated on demand from the QC data repository. In other words, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports for any location can be generated at any time from anywhere on your network.

Further, QC Reports take advantage of being computer-generated. Some are designed so that you can click from report summaries down to detailed worksheets via built-in drill-down capabilities. Others have automatically generated tables of contents with hotspots, allowing you to easily navigate within large reports. And still others have user-entered titles and data selected via Advanced Search capabilities for custom reports to help with ongoing QC process management.

What about inspection prep with QC-Track?

Forget the weeks of clean-up needed in the old binder process. QC-Track features inspection-ready reports. From ACR-specific formatted reports to FDA MQSA inspection packages, QC-Track meets your inspection needs. It features a powerful batch reporting capability to generate the inspection reporting package needed for a room or even a site. The resulting PDF is a complete device QC inspection package with built-in navigation aids to help your inspectors easily confirm your QC status for the period. On-site inspection times can be reduced by up to 40%, even for MQSA inspections. Since the inspection report package is a PDF, it can be saved or even emailed ahead of time to the inspector, helping your inspectors be even more efficient when they're on site.

QC-Track has a broad range of reporting capabilities to help you with the day-to-day administration of device QC and also serve as your inspection-ready reports. Click on the links below to learn more about each:

Standard Reports
  • ACR Reports – CT, MRI, and Ultrasound reports that match the display format of the ACR QC manuals and take advantage of the capabilities of an electronic reporting system
  • QC Reports – modality-specific device QC admin reports for day-to-day QC management and inspections. Have QC data at your fingertips and ready for inspectors via summary device checklists, device worksheet detail, 5 day averages, QC sign off reports, failure reports and graphing. Modalities include: CT, DR, Fluoroscopy, Mammography, MRI, Nuc Med/PET, and Ultrasound

Specialized Reports
  • Apron Tracking Report – apron inspection status, history, and statistics, plus missing QC, and apron lists
  • Credential Reports – credential summary by location, and reports with attached supporting documentation by modality, and for credit and exam detail by requirement or date range
  • Multiple Device/Worksheet Graph – optional trend reporting enhancement for advanced QC data analysis
  • Ultrasound Reports – transducer phantom QC reports by location

  • Document Search – documents filtered by location, user, or device to which they are attached
  • HLD Search – transducer HLD cleaning history and RIS log tracking reporting
  • Image Quality Search – FDA EQUIP Image Quality Feedback and Image Quality Review by clinical professional
  • QC Report Package – batch reporting capability to create and generate a collection of reports like for FDA MQSA inspections and quarterly physics reviews
  • Worksheet Search – recorded QC worksheets filtered by location, device or date of test date range
  • Research Mode Export – optional enhancement for physics that allows phantom data to be researched separately from production systems
Standard Reports
ACR Reports for CT, MRI, and Ultrasound
QC-Track provides reports to match the display format of the ACR QC manuals, facilitating inspections by displaying data in a format with which the inspector is familiar. This allows the inspector to quickly review the reports and spend less time on site. ACR QC Reports are available for CT, MRI, and Ultrasound devices being tracked in the QC-Track system.
Device QC Day-to-Day Admin Reports by modality:
CT, DR, Fluoroscopy, Mammography , MRI, Nuc Med/PET and Ultrasound

Use on-demand QC-Track admin reports for day-to-day QC management or even ongoing remote physicist monitoring of CT and MRI units.

Generate weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual QC reports for any location’s devices. Review QC device data in summary with drill-down capabilities; by detailed QC results, by 5 day averaging, for QC sign offs, for failures, or via graphed results.

Use these results to stay on top of QC quality, ensuring QC is being completed on time, failures are being resolved, and your team will be ready for the next inspection.

Clients are also telling us how they're using QC-Track reports for the ACR Accreditation Renewals (see the case study in Paperless QC: Winners, Losers and Proven Strategies for EQUIP Success for a Mammo example.) Others are using QC reports for ongoing remote physicist monitoring of CT and MRI units.

To explore the broad range of QC device reporting capabilities by modality, visit Mammography, CT, MRI, Fluoroscopy, and Ultrasound systems.

Specialized Reports
Multiple Device/Worksheet Graph – Trend Reports
Looking to do advanced QC data analysis? Involved in physics research? An optional trend reporting enhancement is available to graph and compare multiple values within a device, multiple devices within a facility, and devices across facilities.

QC Report Package – FDA MQSA Inspection Package
Inspection-proven since 2008, QC-Track FDA MQSA reports have been used in countless MQSA inspections, at sites large and small, in all parts of the country.

Use the batch reporting capability to generate a re-usable template for an inspection reporting package. The resulting PDF is a complete device QC inspection package including all the reports needed for device QC review by MQSA inspectors, including for FDA EQUIP purposes: QC Checklist, QC Device Worksheet, Sign Off, and Graph Reports. This package has built-in table of contents hot spots and navigation aids to help your inspectors easily confirm your QC status for the period.

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