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Automated Phantom Analysis
Phantom analysis is the centerpiece of any QC program.

With the optional Automated Phantom Analysis (APA) module, imaging QC teams get a fast, flexible, and consistent way to unite phantom and observational data onto QC worksheets.

QC images are analyzed in seconds, significantly reducing the day-to-day time needed by QC technologists for image analysis.

The art in any QC worksheet is to provide the right amount of data for the technologist to complete the test. APA imaging processing functions, including a complete set of DICOM and image analysis functions, are available as an extension to the built-in QC Worksheet Editor. QC Worksheet Editor can combine DICOM and image analysis data, including data from multiple fields and multiple images, onto a single QC worksheet.

APA provides a powerful mechanism for a central QC team to control and structure QC for an imaging unit over time, as well as across all of the imaging units in a fleet. By making QC tests more objective, the APA module reduces any inconsistencies between technologists. QC worksheets are also available for physicist survey testing.

QC Program Templates include APA templates for ACR and manufacturer phantom QC programs.

Clients are also using APA as an important strategy for higher imaging quality. To quote a client, "There's the letter of the law, and there's the spirit of the law." With manual phantom QC, busy imaging QC teams usually only have time to do the bare minimum testing needed for compliance. Everything changes when complex phantom analysis operations only take seconds. Ready to re-think your QC program to include additional tests? Contact the Atirix Research Team to discuss.
Phantom Image Interface
  • Phantom DICOM is sent to QC-Track via a secondary destination on the system console.
  • As images are received by QC-Track DICOM-Connector, they are automatically assigned to the correct imaging unit, phantom slice, and worksheet.
  • DICOM data is filtered to delete any patient images accidentally sent to QC-Track.
  • Pre-processing capability off-loads APA processing to a secondary server.

APA QC Worksheet Configuration Options
  • ROI position and size
  • Full suite of image processing functions
  • Functions to combine data from multiple images and slices
  • The complete range of standard worksheet processing functions, including threshold enforcement

Phantom Image Processing
  • DICOM header data is extracted and processed to populate worksheet fields.
  • ROIs are automatically positioned on each phantom image.
  • Phantom data is extracted and mapped into worksheet fields.
  • Limits are automatically applied.

Research Capabilities and Custom Phantoms

Contact the Atirix Research Team for information on:
  • Research — To explore an alternative workflow, secondary worksheets and alternative phantoms can be used to collect data for analysis.
  • Custom Phantoms — The APA Worksheet Editor can be used to create templates for custom phantoms.

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