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QC-Track Module:   NM, PET, Fusion
Recent TJC statistics show that Nuc Med has gotten the highest rate of citations in the area of device QC.

Now you can use the QC-Track module for NM and PET QC to put a structured QC workflow in NM and PET departments, and meet the needs of the most widely followed regulations and recommendations in quality control, including the ACR Nuclear Medicine Technologist Quality Control Tests and The Joint Commission "Diagnostic Imaging Requirements," as well as vendor QC programs for the NM and PET vendors.

The NM and PET QC module includes QC workflows needed for the NM and PET portion of fusion units like SPECT/CT and PET/CT systems. The QC needed for the CT or MR portion of fusion units may be optional and is licensed separately.
Structured Workflow
QC-Track provides the structure needed in any QC program.
  • Worksheet data fields, constants, limits, and calculations
  • On-the-spot pass-fail, with email notifications
  • Worksheet templates for ACR and vendor QC workflows
  • Easy customization to accommodate site-specific needs, physicist requests, or inspection purposes

QC-Track also provides modality-specfic workflow features, inlcuding:
  • Tracking for the QC associated with accessories, such as dose calibrators and thyroid uptake systems
  • Tracking for environment safety tests, such as the wipes test or eyewash checks
  • The ability to manage all QC for the Nuclear Medicine department - SPECT and CT tests, PET checklists, dose calibrator tracking, eyewash check - from a single dashboard

QC-Track offers two workflows:
  • Standard Worksheet QC data is entered by the technologist into worksheets on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semiannual, and annual basis, depending on the QC program being followed
  • Automated Phantom QC is available for the ACR/Jaszczak and Bar phantoms, as well as for testing on the CT or MR portion of fusion units. Automated Phantom Analysis, provides a fast, flexible, and consistent method to extract and process phantom and DICOM data and automatically insert the data into QC-Track worksheets.

QC-Track standard reports meet the reporting needs of NM and PET teams, including:
  • QC Checklist Report, to show daily status of QC by test over the selected time period
  • Quarterly reports for physicist review

Electronic Sign Off
Standard QC-Track Sign Off is available for the NM and PET workflows for capturing the ACR-required annual medical physicist sign off.

Comprehensive QC Program? See also:
  • Credentials -- to track and report CEU/CME and Exam counts by modality
  • Event Tracking -- to schedule and track ongoing QC events such as annual review of safety and procedure documents
  • Document Tracking -- to centrally store, manage and quickly access the entire range of QC documents

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The QC-Track Nuc Med and PET module is an optional add-on to the QC-Track Base Platform. Tracking for accessories like dose calibrators, well counters, and thyroid uptake systems is also available.

Subscription licensing is by imaging units.

The QC needed for the CT or MRI portion of fusion units may be optional. The QC-Track CT and MRI modules are licensed separately.

Other Resources
The ACR Nuclear Medicine Technologist's Quality Control Tests specify required and recommended frequencies. See ACR Nuclear Medicine Accreditation Program Requirements or ACR Nuclear Medicine and PET Accreditation Page.

NM and PET are some of the modalities that fall under The Joint Commission Diagnostic Imaging Requirements, along with CT and MRI. TJC requires facilities to identify their QC plan and demonstrate that the team is following the plan. See TJC Compliance Checklist. uses cookies. Read our Cookie Policy to learn more.

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