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QC-Track Module:   Ultrasound
Ultrasound QC requirements are on the increase. Hospital infection rates are a TJC Top 5 issue, and annual transducer QC failure rates are high. Yet many facilities still track QC in log books and spreadsheets.

Structured Workflow
For ultrasound QC, QC-Track offers a base unit and loaner replacement workflow and two optional transducer QC workflows for a complete US QC solution.

Ultrasound Base Unit Tracking
  • Scheduled workflows with checklists help ensure all aspects of the ultrasound base system -- including filters, cleanliness, and mechanics -- are functioning properly.
  • Checklist and Device Worksheet reports facilitate oversight and management of ongoing QC.

Phantom QC
  • Barcode tags are applied to base units and transducers.
  • Barcode scanning minimizes typing.
  • Worksheets capture all phantom data and calculate a pass/fail.

Per Exam High Level Disinfection (HLD) Traceability
  • HLD workflow meets TJC requirements for traceability of HLD performed on semi-critical devices, such as invasive probes, as well as other probes that come in contact with non-intact skin.
  • Barcode tags are applied to transducers and HLD units.
  • A QC-Track record ID is generated for each HLD cycle for RIS/HIS/EHR tracking by exam.
  • HLD cleaning self-test failures and disinfection indicator fails can also be recorded and reported.
  • Transducer and HLD unit cleaning history reports can be easily generated.
  • HLD loaner replacement workflow allows for seamless QC tracking while units are being serviced.
  • Advanced Search page for centralized infection research quickly isolates transducer and HLD unit history.

Results and Benefits
  • Implement a consistent structured QC workflow across locations
  • Meet ACR, AAPM, AIUM and TJC tracking requirements and recommendations
  • Eliminate duplication with central database storage and easy access to transducer QC and cleaning records for infection research
  • Simplify ongoing tracking with automated QC status monitoring and built-in email notices, including reminder schedules for each tracked transducer.
  • Reduce unmanaged PHI by eliminating unsecured paper HLD exam tracking books in cleaning labs and exam rooms.

QC-Track standard reports meet the reporting needs of Ultrasound teams, including:
  • ACR QC Report, specifically designed to match the display format of the ACR QC manuals, facilitating inspections by displaying data in a format with which the inspector is familiar
  • QC Checklist Report to show ongoing status of QC by test over a selected time period
  • Quarterly reports for ongoing physicist and clinical engineering oversight

QC-Track specialized US reports include:
  • Transducer/base unit reconciliation report to show transducer phantom QC history and also identify base units and transducers that have not been included in QC testing
  • HLD cleaning history report for traceability and infection research

Electronic Sign Off
Standard QC-Track Sign Off is available for the Ultrasound workflow for capturing the ACR-required annual medical physicist sign off on the on-going QC.

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The QC-Track US module is an optional add-on to the QC-Track Base Platform.

Subscription licensing is by imaging units.

Other Resources
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