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QC-Track Module:   Fluoroscopy
The QC-Track module for FL QC meets the needs of state-specific regulations in quality control.

The state of California has QC requirements for fluoroscopy devices and the credentials of technologists who operate them.
  • A Phantom QC test is required at least once a week measuring kVp and mA in order to calculate the effective dose change from a baseline set by an annual physicist survey.
  • The tests must be documented and retained for three years.
  • The operating technologist must have CDPH certification in fluoro, which is four CEUs in radiation safety for the clinical uses of fluoroscopy every two years.
Structured Workflow
QC-Track provides the structure needed for Fluoroscopy QC programs.
  • Worksheet data fields, constants, limits, and calculations
  • On-the-spot pass-fail, with email notifications
  • Worksheet templates for CDPH and other state-specific requirements
  • Easy customization to accommodate site-specific needs, physicist requests, or inspection purposes

QC-Track offers two workflows for Fluoroscopy:
  • Standard Worksheet QC data is entered by the technologist into worksheets on a daily, weekly, and (if required) annual basis, depending on the QC program being followed
  • Automated Phantom QC is available for phantoms. Automated Phantom Analysis provides a fast, flexible, and consistent method to extract and process phantom and DICOM data and automatically insert the data into QC-Track worksheets.

QC-Track standard reports meet the reporting needs of Fluoro teams, including:
  • QC Checklist Report, to show daily status of QC by test over the selected time period
  • Reports for physicist review

Electronic Sign Off
Standard QC-Track Sign Off is available for the Fluoro workflow for capturing sign off on the ongoing QC program.

Comprehensive QC Program?
See QC-Track's advanced capabilities:
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The QC-Track Fluoroscopy module is an optional add-on to the QC-Track Base Platform.

Subscription licensing is by imaging units.

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