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QC Email
Imaging Quality Control has always been about communications. This is truer than ever in today's distributed care settings.

But when QC records are trapped in paper binders, it is almost impossible to use the data for communications needs.

With a paperless QC system like QC-Track, QC data is free to be used, and new opportunities, like QC Emails, are possible. The result in QC-Track is a new type of QC communications that keeps your QC team engaged and your QC workflow moving.

QC Email design is based on a simple but powerful management observation: it's one thing to wait until a problem occurs, then let everyone know -- it's a whole different thing to anticipate issues and make your team aware of them before they become problems.

QC-Track's extensive built-in reminder, caution, and warning emails accelerate QC communications and help your team move to the next level in QC workflow management. In a real way, QC-Track works as your experienced QC assistant. QC-Track identifies your most important QC concerns, from a failed test to an upcoming audit to soon-to-expire CEU/CME credits, and automatically sends email notifications that are timely and to-the-point.

The key is to make sure the right number of notifications are received by the right people at the right times. To that end, QC-Track gives you control over which QC situations matter, as well as who (if anyone) gets notified in each situation, and QC-Track takes it from there. QC-Track gives you the tools to manage your communications. Any available email type can be added or dropped at any time. Recipient lists can also be changed at any time to add or drop recipients. An admin desktop is also available to monitor the Email Queue and manage the QC Emails that have been generated and sent by QC-Track.
Email Capabilities
Device QC
  • Set up reminder emails for weekly, monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual tests that trigger if QC hasn't been performed before the end of the period
  • Send overdue emails if QC has not been performed
  • Reminder and overdue emails automatically stop once the QC has been performed

Device QC Failures

This includes failures logged for any imaging device assigned to a location and tracked in QC-Track, as well as aprons, injectors, printers, monitors, US transducers, nuc med probes, and related accessories like crash carts and US "CleanShield" closets...
  • Send failure notification emails
  • A failure resolution email is automatically sent when the failure is resolved

  • Send reminder emails prior to a credential expiration
  • Send reminder emails prior to credits or exams dropping below minimum thresholds
  • Send warning emails when credentials expire, or when credits or exams drop below thresholds
  • Send a notification email when a new Image Quality Feedback is logged (for FDA EQUIP Question 1)

  • Send reminder emails to notify that QC is coming due
  • Send warning emails when apron QC is past due
  • Send a courtesy notice when an apron is QC'd in a department other than its assigned department

QC Events
  • Send reminder emails to schedule an event
  • Send a caution email if a scheduled event is not completed by the planned date

Email Queue
  • Review and manage emails by status, date range, and type

General Features
  • Manage recipient and CC lists by location, device, credential, or event type
  • Set the the number of days prior for reminder emails to start sending
  • Automatically send reminder emails and overdue alert emails at pre-set intervals until the situation is resolved
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