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Q: Does QC-Track send reminder notifications or deficiency notices when QC is not complete, and/or out-of-parameter notifications when QC fails or is out of range?

A: Yes, QC-Track sends email notifications for many situations, including: when tests are about to be overdue, when quality control has not been completed and is overdue, and when tests fail (fall outside of threshold or range). All email notifications can be turned on or off within the product.
Q: Is QC-Track one comprehensive system that is able to track all modalities or do you purchase the specific modules you need?

A: While QC-Track is able to track all modalities, you only purchase the modules you need.

You can start with a base QC-Track system license. This gives you the QC-Track software platform and QC scheduling, tracking, and reporting for a single room (such as a mammo room.)

Once you have the QC-Track base system on your network, you can license additional locations, modalities, and imaging units – as well as QC-Track modules like apron tracking and PM/service tracking – to build up to a comprehensive, multi-modality, multi-location QC system for enterprise quality control.
Q: Our facility is faced with the challenge of how to communicate QC information between the physicist and the QC team. Does QC-Track allow for the physicist to upload reports, letters, and other documents?

A: Yes, QC-Track plays an important role in physicist-facility communications.

For starters, your physicist can review and refine the QC-Track workflows by modality, including tests, limits, thresholds, test schedules, and reports. In this way, you can have a physicist-reviewed, standardized QC workflow for each of your modalities.

Then, on an on-going basis:

1) Baselines, limits, and thresholds - As these values change, they can be updated and enforced in QC-Track worksheets.

2) Reports - QC-Track generates the reports needed by the physicist for periodic QC monitoring. If you allow the physicist to have access to your system, they can view these reports on-line at any time. Alternatively, you can generate the reports as PDFs and email them to the physicist.

3) Failures - As QC failures are detected in QC-Track worksheets, QC-Track can email notices to both the physicist and facility management so that both parties share awareness and information.

4) PM/Service - If you use the QC-Track.Planner module for PM/service tracking, you can schedule physicist surveys/reviews and collect all documents associated with the PM/service/review event.

QC-Track includes a QC document repository. All you need to do is scan the physicist report or letter into a PDF format. Any electronic document like a PDF can be logged in the QC document repository and attached to a specific imaging unit (or, via the Planner module, a PM/service event). In this way, all of your physicist documentation can be collected in one place on your network and is available at any time.

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