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QC Program Templates
QC Program Templates are pre-built collections of QC Worksheets.

QC Program Templates are made up of QC Worksheets to complete all of the tests needed for a wide range of QC needs, including FDA MQSA/ACR Digital QC, ACR Continuous Quality Control programs, manufacturer quality programs, AIUM QC program, and AAPM recommended QC programs. In addition, many clients use QC Program Templates to comply with TJC Diagnostic Imaging Requirements, state requirements, and QC workflows requested by medical physicists.

QC Program Templates have been proven in inspections across the country and across modalities.

QC Program Templates can include Standard and Automated Phantom Analysis worksheets. QC Program Templates and QC Worksheets can be used off-the-shelf or customized to meet specific QC situations.

Atirix creates QC Worksheets using the built-in QC-Track Worksheet EditorTM. The Worksheet Editor provides a rich set of operators needed across the full range of quality control tests, including calculations with thresholds, pass/fail fields, baselines and constants, pull-forward fields, and a wide range of math functions.

QC-Programs, as complete off-the-shelf workflows, help jump start the implementation process. The Atirix Client Services team can focus on the things that matter as they work with the client to help craft a complete standardized QC workflow. Implementation steps include:
  • Confirm and set baselines, constants, and limits for all of the imaging units in a fleet, a location, or by individual unit
  • For Ultrasound QC, install and make any changes to the QC Worksheets for transducer phantom QC and HLD/exam traceability
  • For NucMed/PET/Fusion QC, install and make any changes to the QC Worksheets for probes, well counters, and other QC'd accessories, and
  • Identify and add worksheets for typical imaging accessories like injectors, printers, and monitors, as well as any other related accessories that might be part of a room, like crash carts and even US "CleanShield" closets

Available QC Programs
Don't see your make and model on the list below? New QC Program and Worksheet Templates are being added all the time. Contact for the latest.

CT — ACR/Gammex 464 Phantom QC, daily & annual inspection worksheets including alternating helical/axial views, monthly checklists, Catphan phantom, GE phantom, Philips phantom

DR — ACR-AAPM-SIIM/AAPM TG-10, daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly worksheets

DXA — GE, Hologic

FLUORO — California requirements, custom phantom QC

MAMMOGRAPHY — GE Pristina/Senoclaire 3D/Senographe DS/Essential/SenoBright/SenoBright CESM, Hologic Dimensions 2D/Dimensions DBT, Selenia/Selenia Tungsten, Siemens Mammomat, Novation DR

MRI/BREAST MRI — 1.5T, 3T ACR Phantom QC, custom daily & weekly worksheets

NUCLEAR MEDICINE/PET/FUSION SYSTEMS — ACR Phantom QC, daily & weekly Worksheets, Philips Brightview XCT, Philips Ingenuity, Siemens Ecam, Siemens Symbia, Siemens Biograph

STEREOTACTIC BIOPSY SYSTEMS — GE Upright, Hologic MultiCare Platinum, Hologic Affirm 2D/DBT

ULTRASOUND/BREAST ULTRASOUND — ACR-AAPM-SIIM quarterly worksheets, weekly/monthly checklists

APRONS — Periodic (6 month/1 year/2 years) QC per CMS,TJC, or state
DIAGNOSTIC REVIEW WORKSTATIONS — AGFA Impax, Barco Coronis MFGD5421/MFGD 5621 HC, Eizo Nanao G5521, Hologic SecurView, Kodak Carestream Mammography, Planar Dome C5i E5, Siemens Syngo MammoReport, Tokoku ME25

AGFA Drystar AXYS 4500M / 5500 / 5300 / 5503,
Fuji DryPix 4000 / 5000 / 7000,
Kodak 5850 / 6800 / 6850 / 8900,
Konica DryPro 793 / 873,
Sony UP-DF750

well counters, uptake probes, Pulmonex, dose calibrators, Xenon Trap, department checklist including: area survey, eyewash, hot lab, hot lab hood, wipe counts

CleanShield probe cabinets, transducers, Trophon HLD units, Cidex disinfection process

blanket warmers, refrigerators, injectors, multiple imaging unit/multiple vendor reject analysis

Worksheet Editor Module — Needs beyond the QC Program templates? Interested in developing custom QC workflows? Medical physicists and biomedical engineering teams may have data gathering needs beyond those of the ACR or manufacturer recommendations. In those cases, the QC-Track Worksheet Editor is available as an optional add-on to create Worksheet Templates and QC Programs for specific needs. Contact for information. uses cookies. Read our Cookie Policy to learn more.

Atirix products are covered by issued and pending patents, including US 8,478,610 “Medical Imaging Device Quality Control System and Method” and US 8,428,969 “System and Method for Tracking Imaging Quality”
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