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QC Document Tracking
The promise of a paperless QC system is the chance to use computing and communications technologies to improve imaging operations. In particular, it can make it easier for networks of imaging sites to stay on top of QC needs.

Of course, one of the big needs in QC is to have all of the information needed by inspectors available at the point of inspection – including QC documents.

Any imaging facility needs to create, manage, and track a large number of documents related to the QC process -- from physicist acceptance and annual surveys, to safety and procedure documents, dosimetry reports, and service records, to records related to imaging unit de-commissioning.

QC-Track offers a new way for imaging facilities to centrally store, manage, and quickly access the entire range of QC documents. And since QC-Track is an intranet application, QC documents can be accessed from anywhere on your healthcare system’s network, making it easier than ever to have the documents needed by inspectors.

  • A wide range of non-revisable document formats are supported, including PDF, PNG, and JPEG
  • QC documents can be attached at many points across the system, including QC worksheets, imaging units, credentials, events, and QC locations
  • As QC-Track report packages and Sign Off letters are generated by QC-Track, they are automatically added to the QC-Track document repository
  • QC Documents in the document repository are included in QC-Track backups
  • Tags can be added to documents to assist with document searches
  • Document Advanced Search function allows documents to be searched by location, date range, tags, and type uses cookies. Read our Cookie Policy to learn more.

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