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QC-Track Module:   Digital Radiography
To quote a recent client:
“We needed a system to streamline our daily, quarterly, annual QC--a system that sends out alerts--moving us from manual to more computerized. Instead of us having to pull binders for inspectors, we would like to access all reports with a click of a button.”
State health departments around the U.S. include DR quality control records in their on-site inspections.
Structured Workflow
QC-Track provides the structure needed in DR QC programs.
  • Worksheet data fields, constants, limits, and calculations
  • On-the-spot pass-fail, with email notifications
  • Easy customization to accommodate state-specific needs, physicist requests, or for inspection purposes

QC-Track standard reports meet the reporting needs of DR teams, including:
  • QC Checklist Report, to show daily status of QC by test over the selected time period
  • Reports for physicist review

Electronic Sign Off
Standard QC-Track Sign Off is available for the DR workflow for capturing sign off on the ongoing QC program.

Comprehensive QC Program? See also:

The QC-Track DR module is an optional add-on to the QC-Track Base Platform.

Standard QC is licensed by imaging unit and location.
  • Pre-Requisites: none
  • Restrictions: none
The optional Automated Phantom QC upgrade is licensed by imaging unit and location and is available for DR units.
  • Pre-Requisites: Automated Phantom QC requires the QC-Track DICOM-Connector service.
  • Restrictions: Automated Phantom QC is not available for clients on cloud-hosted installations of QC-Track. uses cookies. Read our Cookie Policy to learn more.

Atirix products are covered by issued and pending patents, including US 8,478,610 “Medical Imaging Device Quality Control System and Method” and US 8,428,969 “System and Method for Tracking Imaging Quality”
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